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replica hermes birkin bag price A scarf is probably the only accessory that truly has multiple uses. Think about it: What else can be worn around your neck, as a bracelet, as shoe charm, as a bag handle, a headband … we think you get the picture. For this reason, a colorful scarf can be the perfect add-on to any summer ensemble.

kelly hermes bag replica A simple tee and cut-offs get interesting with a scarf tied around your waist as a belt. An LBD gets chic punctuation with one braided through your hair. The DIY possibilities are as endless as they are fun. Whether your style is classic, girly, rocker, or eccentric, we’ve got you covered.

Scroll down to shop our 9 favorites from hot upcoming-and-coming brands to legendary fashion houses.

replica black hermes bag We can always count on Jennifer Lopez to serve up a fierce look that makes jaws hit the floor. And her latest Instagram post did exactly that. On Tuesday, the 47-year-old star nearly broke the internet when she shared a Boomerang clip blowing a kiss with Jenna Dewan Tatum by her side. Both ladies looked drop-dead gorgeous, but Lopez’s white dress accessorized with a Hermes bracelet stole the show.

replica hermes australia The beautiful design has a bodycon fit and extreme side cutouts that could barely contain Lopez’s defined abs. Honestly, the talented singer could literally wear a garbage bag and still look amazing, but we have to admit this is one smoking hot dress. It’s by the London-based brand House of CB, and retails for $165—a steal compared to Lopez’s couture ensembles. If the retailer sounds familiar, it’s because Lopez consistently slays in the affordable brand’s looks.

hermes kelly replica Just last week, Lopez was spotted looking absolutely fabulous in two House of CB dresses. And she’s been photographed on several other occasions wearing the brand’s looks. We really can’t blame her. House of CB carries some of the sexiest outfits we’ve seen around. And Lopez is pretty much the queen of plunging necklines and daring slits. So it’s only a matter of time before she blesses us with another fire House of CB outfit.

replica hermes usa If you’ve found yourself to be a proud owner of an Hermès scarf (new or vintage), then get ready to rework that beautiful treasure with a custom dye-job courtesy of Hermèsmatic, a new pop-up from the French luxury brand. Opening tomorrow in New York City for a limited time (Wednesday, June 14 through Sunday, June 18 to be exact), you can pop in, Hermès scarves in hand, and get a one-of-kind dip dye scarf makeover.

birkin bag hermes replica The complimentary service is depicted in a fun, whimsical video above wherein we see a faded scarf get re-colored via a magic washing machine. Stay tuned until next week here on replica bags for when we take you step by step and show you how #Hermèsmatic is done.

hermes bags replica Ever wonder how what your Internet search history says about you? What about your favorite fictional inmates? We know we’re curious! So, while the cast of Orange Is the New Black was onset for their feature in our latest issue, we asked them to tell us about their last Google search.

replica garden party hermes Watch the video above to find out the Argentine tango move Laura Prepon is trying to master from her dance class and hear the latest hairstyle Natasha Lyonne tried to copy. Stars, they’re just like us!

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When Anna de Rijk began modeling, there was no Instagram to distract her backstage—so she turned to Ayn Rand.

replica birkin bag price “During my first season in 2009, I was reading The Fountainhead, which is a really intense, antisocial book,” she says, laughing. “It must have gotten in my brain because I have such a grumpy expression in videos from back then!”

birkin bag replica But de Rijk—who has earned a reputation for her resemblance to Charlotte Rampling since winning a 2005 Dutch modeling competition—has plenty of other things to smile about: a résumé filled with artsy magazine editorials and major brand campaigns (including plum gigs with H&M and Vera Wang) and a big move from her quaint hometown of Haarlem, in the Netherlands, to Brooklyn, New York.

Jeanette Johnson grew up in a frugal, deeply Christian home in Kansas where “you wore something until you had holes in it,” she recalls.

As a college grad, Johnson was so sparing that she wouldn’t even buy herself the warm jacket she needed to brave winters in Boston, despite earning a good living and having the means.

The turning point was a humiliating airport run-in with an ex, which left her ashamed of her threadbare wardrobe and questioning her choices.

Johnson gave herself a modest monthly clothing budget and discovered her second calling. “I started to have so much fun with fashion—I became the person at work everyone was complimenting.”

Johnson launched her blog, J’s Everyday Fashion, in 2010, and her following grew quickly.

“Jesus and style are like oil and water. Or at least that’s what I grew up believing.”

But she was conflicted. How could she espouse Christian values of modesty and humility while parading around the Internet in splashy outfits?

“Jesus and style are like oil and water,” she writes in her forthcoming book, J’s Everyday Fashion & Faith: Personal Style With Purpose. “Or at least that’s what I grew up believing.”

replica hermes birkin price Seven years later, Johnson, 33, is still blogging, earning a living primarily through sponsored posts from retailers including JC Penney, Macy’s, Kohls, thredUP, and Everlane. In the book, which comes out in October, she makes a case for how Christianity—she currently belongs to a non-denominational church—can co-exist with personal style. We asked her for a preview.

Tell me about your upbringing.

replica hermes birkin bag price 2019 Growing up in a conservative household, I felt fashion was off limits. My dad was very frugal. It was constantly turn off the lights. Don’t waste water. I was an only child, but no one ever had new clothes. We never went on vacation. I went to a very charismatic church and I was going six times a week and was very zealous. It was all about helping others and being a good steward of money and not thinking about outward appearances, which was very healthy, but I went a little too far and didn’t realize that there could be joy and love for fashion. It was buried beneath all those things I learned in high school.

What was your fashion epiphany?

kelly bag replica I my early 20s, I was working in non-profit marketing making a great salary. I had found a really inexpensive apartment I was sharing with two other women from church. I had no bills. I had tons of room in my budget to spend on fashion, but I just tried not to buy anything ever. Which is a terrible, terrible strategy? I was having a hard time at work not being dressed properly and being very cold.

hermes blanket replica I literally was wearing a Teletubbies t-shirt when I ran into my ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend at the airport because it was a free t-shirt I got at work. I felt completely embarrassed. How did I come to this decision? What was I thinking? I was wearing leftover scraps and that’s not a good feeling at all.

replica hermes picotin At my job, I had a really wonderful boss who was really into fashion. She wore a beautiful Hermes bracelet and wore Prada. She wasn’t head-to-toe new designers every day, she was careful and thoughtful and added things she really loved to her closet over time. We talked for hours about fashion. She had an appreciation of fashion as an art form. It wasn’t about vanity or being a shopaholic, it was freedom of expression.

replica herme bag Meanwhile, I needed everything, so I set a clothing budget of $250 a month. It was so freeing. Within the safe space of the budget, I started to have so much fun with it. My friends said why not start a blog? So I did.

When and how did the blog start becoming profitable?

hermes belt replica I wound up being laid off from my job during the height of the recession. I was newly single, had to support myself completely and couldn’t find a job, but my blog was doing really well and had a ton of people reading it.

hermes bracelet replica I had a million page views per month and started putting blog posts on Facebook. I had 50,000 Facebook fans who were seeing every post. Within a year I was making five times as much as I’d been making as a marketing manager in Boston, It mostly from affiliate commissions from shopping content and also from a banner ad network I joined.

Why was blogging so hard for you as a Christian?

best hermes replica For me, I really struggled for years with just being honestly embarrassed that I was doing fashion as a career. The guilt clouded the joy of all of it. Especially if I was in a church setting, I felt I needed to reassure everyone that I still loved Jesus and it’s OK.

replica hermes belt bag It really came to a head when I had a speaking engagement at a church and I realized I’m not as comfortable with this as I thought so I wrote a blog post, “How I Balance Fashion and Faith.” Two days after it went up, a publisher asked me to write a book about it. It’s a terrifying subject and it’s been torturing me. But within a couple of weeks, I realized this is a fantastic idea.

Why terrifying?

replica hermes gypsy bag I think it’s terrifying because faith and fashion are two things that are so deep in my soul and I cherish them both so much. People see them as two things that can’t co-exist and I think they can. I forced myself to sit down and look at scripture and interview people. It was eye opening and healing. I feel like I finally found my voice.

Are there any modesty lines you won’t cross?

replica hermes belt If something is low cut, I might wear a longer hemline. Or, I’ll wear shorter shorts and be more covered up on top. But modesty isn’t something I’ve had a huge concern with. We live in Florida where it’s very hot. My concerns are more about money.

How so?

I believe in re-wearing things for as long as you possibly can and wearing them over and over again.

What percentage of your audience follows you because you’re Christian?

hermes sandals replica The blog post I wrote last February was the first time I had ever addressed it, other than including Bible verses on Easter. I wasn’t hiding it, but it wasn’t on topic. The blog was meant to be a fun place for fashion. You don’t need a Bible verse with your outfit of the day.

Would you like to you have a fashion ministry?

hermes birkin replica I’d love to have some kind of program to implement what’s in the book. Christian denominations are all so different. You have so many churches that dress in elaborate Sunday outfits, but my church in the Northeast was very conservative.

replica hermes bag 2019 There is definitely a freedom that needs to take place in a lot of Christian churches— to feel free to be yourself and to dress how you’d like to. The Bible verses that I use in the book are used to shame women and get them to be quiet in every way shape and form. Controlling fashion is a piece of that.

Are there people who think it’s immodest to make a living taking photos of yourself?

I have this struggle in my head every time. At the end of the day, to some people, posting any photo of yourself is over the top vanity, and I can’t fault them for it.

replica hermes birkin 35 I tend to smile in my photos every time and I want to be warm and inviting and I want everyone to feel welcome. I will also post fashion fails. This is the reality. None of us are gallivanting down the road with the perfect 10 outfits every day of the week. If I waited until I had a perfect 10 outfit I’d never be posting. For me, it doesn’t feel like peacocking because I don’t think I’m the cat’s pajamas by any stretch.

What does your frugal dad say?

hermes bag price replica He’s been very supportive the whole time. He likes to read the blog and he sends me very fathering contents, like “I love those colors” and “I hope those shoes aren’t hurting your feet” and “I hope you’re not cold.”

Any handbag aficionado knows that when it comes to high-end purses, the Birkin is the holy grail.

birkin replica From Victoria Beckham’s collection to Kris Jenner’s custom closet devoted to the accessory, the Hermés handbag has a storied history of famous fans and worldwide devotees. But not Birkins are the same: One in particular just established a new auction record that made it the most expensive handbag in the world. On Wednesday Christie’s Hong Kong Wednesday sold a white crocodile Birkin for the eye-popping price of $379,261.

replica hermes belts Described by the auction house as “an exceptional, matte white Himalaya Niloticus crocodile diamond Birkin,” the bag features 18k white gold and diamond hardware and was crafted in 2014. Feast your eyes on it here:

replica hermes bag 2018 Couples nowadays are looking for creative and unique ways to celebrate their nuptials so it’s no surprise that long-held wedding traditions are giving way to alternative ideas and new approaches to getting hitched. Don’t want to spend a year of your time (and money) planning a day’s worth of festivities? Opt for a pop-up wedding or an off-the-grid elopement. Is White not really your color? There are plenty of gorgeous colorful dress options to choose from. Don’t want your celebration to leave an enormous carbon footprint? Here are a few ways to avoid it.

birkin hermes bag replica It has never been easier to do things your way and customize your wedding day to match your worldview and lifestyle. That’s why we were especially excited to learn about brunch weddings. Because what could be better than celebrating your love with a casual gathering of your closest friends and family over Champagne cocktails and French toast?

The nearly $400K purchase conveniently comes with the following: a clochette, a lock, keys, a small dustbag, a dustbag, a leather pouch, a ribbon, a small box, and a [likely regular-sized] box.

replica hermes canada Apparently, the trend is really taking off. According to Pinterest’s 2017 Wedding Report, there’s a 35 percent search increase on the social media platform for “daytime weddings with brunch-themed menus.”

replica birkin bag hermes price list To help us make sense of it, we reached out to event designer extraordinaire Bronson van Wyck, whose clients include replica bags, Salvatore Ferragamo, Hermes, Beyoncé, and Hillary Clinton, among many others. Here’s what he had to say about the trend and how to pull it off in an elegant way without sacrificing a brunch staple—bacon.

On brunch weddings:

replica hermes taschen “After a slew of black tie weddings over the years, a brunch wedding feels crisp and fresh. With so many more daylight hours to behold, it’s nice to have such a long stretch of time with natural light. You don’t need dusk or twilight to feel sexy and romantic, brides and grooms can glow in the sunshine and guests no longer need to wait for five o’clock for a cocktail.”

The vibe:

hermes bag replica “The casual nature of a brunch wedding allows the bride and groom to take the time to go around the room to spend a few moments with every friend and family member. Along, multi-course seated dinner can often take time away from catching up, laughing, and telling stories with each other. Other little touches will always make a wedding memorable–maybe it’s a welcome note to each guest upon arrival or just time to lounge in the sun together as a group after the brunch.”

fake hermes belt “In lieu of candles, which can feel out of place during the day, opt for flowers that are in season and fresh herbs. Potted basil, oregano, and lavender bring a fragrance to the table, a dash of color, and take up space that might have been saved for hurricanes or candles.

hermes replica bags Brunch is a time for color! Yellows, oranges, greens, blues–they feel just right for daytime and can be incorporated into flowers, linens, chairs, pillows, China and more. I also like integrating more natural textures into the table like rattan, wood, and bone – they feel elegant yet relaxed, much like a leisurely brunch with friends.”

The menu:

replica hermes duffle bag “Incorporate the herbs on the table into the food and drinks served to your guests. Serve freshly squeezed juices or Southsides with fresh mint and frittatas and tomato salad with fresh basil to keep the menu light and seasonal. To feel special, a simple dish of eggs can be enhanced with a touch of caviar and don’t forget the bacon. Finally, a time of the day when it’s appropriate to go big on bacon!”

replica hermes side bag “A jazz band, flamenco guitar, or even mariachis will feel upbeat and fun but not too loud and boisterous. But don’t be afraid to spring for a dance party post-brunch. If your crowd likes to throw down, then don’t let the sun stop you. Bring in a DJ for an afternoon session and start the fun early. Your guests likely don’t have plans for the wedding so keep them entertained!”

replica hermes twilly No surprise here—if you’ve got an iPhone, Apple’s latest wearable is still the most advanced smartwatch around. Nothing compares to it for both functionality and range of features. The considerable downside? It’s not compatible with Android devices.

replica hermes birkin bag price The newest iteration, Series 2, can do pretty much everything your phone can: answer calls and texts, manage your calendar, and send a quick email. (Note: it’s hard to write a long one). It even comes with Siri. Beyond that, it’ll also stand in as the most effective workout buddy you’ll ever have. The Activity app sets realistic move goals (adjusted for you every week), while the Workout app uses GPS technology to track the distance of your morning jog or swim (yes, it’s water resistant!). Calories, steps, heart rate all get logged too. There’s even a Breathe app that reminds you to stop and take a deep breath every once in a while.

While you’re upgrading your wardrobe for spring, don’t forget about your gadgets and accessories!

On Monday, Apple announced a new springtime collection of bands that will make it easy for Apple Watch users to update and customize their looks for the season.

The new lineup offers a wide variety of bright colors and materials. The new bands for the basic Apple Watch include:

• Sport ($49; apple.com) – Pebble, Azure, and Camellia

• Woven Nylon ($49; apple.com) – Berry, Tahoe Blue, Orange, Red, Pollen, and Midnight Blue

• Classic Buckle ($149; apple.com) with new buckle design – Sapphire, Berry, and Taupe

Raise your hand if you’re psyched to see Emma Watson play Belle in Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, in theaters March 17. (My hand is up!)

kelly hermes bag replica The movie won’t be out for another couple weeks, but you can help build your excitement even more with New Balance x Beauty and the Beast, a sneaker collection released today on newbalance.com. The three women’s shoes are inspired by Belle’s different looks and can be worn for running, cross-training, or frolicking through your local library.

replica black hermes bag Get ready because Rihanna just released part of her spring 2017 Fenty x Puma collection and we’re only freaking out just like a little tiny bit of a lot. While we’ll have to wait until September for her latest collection (which P.S. just showed at Paris Fashion Week), we at least have four new styles for which we can purge our bank accounts (that is, until they sell out).

replica hermes australia As of 10 a.m. ET this morning, you can get your hands on the newest Fenty x Puma shoes online at puma.com. What you’ll see this time around is her new “bow collection,” i.e. satin bow-tied sneakers and, yes, those famous pink fur slides, except this time minus the fur and with a luxe bow on top (new look, same great taste!). The bow collection is available in both baby pink and olive green. Other new styles include lace-up stiletto heels and chunky platform sneakers (all of which, minus the stilettos, are available in both women’s and men’s sizes).

hermes kelly replica Act quickly though. Considering the mega-popularity of her past creeper sneakers and fur slides, this new Fenty x Puma collection is almost guaranteed to sell out. Scroll through and shop this must-have collection.

replica hermes usa Scenario: You’re one of the most important women in the fashion industry and are knee-deep in work. You have six fashion shows, eight meetings, and also have to find time to FaceTime your kids back at home. Oh, and you should probably eat lunch and dinner somehow in between. This is the situation Net-a-Porter’s president, Alison Loehnis finds herself in during fashion month.

birkin bag hermes replica From New York to London, Milan to Paris, Loehnis is constantly juggling a million (very chic) things at once. How does she relax? By having her go-to spots in all the cities she travels to. Here, she takes us through her favorite places in Paris: the last stop on her fashion month tour.

hermes bags replica “I have been staying at the Mandarin Oriental on rue Saint-Honoré for ages. They do the best breakfasts, so I’ll have a bite to eat in the room first thing while I do some work, and then get a coffee when I’m out. I love a strong double espresso at Telescope Café, a cute hidden spot in the 1st, so I’ll usually make that stop my first of the day–and then I’m up and running.”

replica garden party hermes Two and a half years ago, Project Runway finalist and CFDA-approved designer Daniel Vosovic had an upsetting realization: Despite critical acclaim for his self-named collection and a hard-earned spot at NYFW, he was starting to resent his job. “I felt like all these opportunities were slipping through my fingers,” he recalls over the phone, his busy studio humming in the background. “We had lots of interest in our runway collections, and the samples celebrities wore to events, but very few of those pieces actually made it to stores. There was no way to harness all this great energy that was happening. The system was designed to fail.”

replica birkin bag price So, three weeks before presenting his fourth collection in a fully sponsored show, he canceled, shut down operations, and began building a new business model from scratch. With a fashion career spanning six decades, Joan Juliet Buck has learned how to step in and out of the style world with ease.

birkin bag replica You have to wrestle fashion into submission by calling the shots or it will eat you alive. There’s mastery in being both the made-up dazzler in dangerous heels and a glowing Zac Posen dress and the baffled nun wearing a calf-length sweater over a sports bra and Uggs with ankle socks. Constant perching on heels is bondage; permanent ankle socks are slovenly. If you juggle both personas, you’ve won.

replica hermes birkin price I think of fashion as a public illusion that I produce to obscure the private truth about the soft, shapeless things that I sleep in, wear throughout the day, and wash only when they’ve become indistinguishable clumps of stretchy matter: yoga pants, hoodies, leotards, leg warmers, sweaters that can house two at a time, a Snuggie. Worn in layers, they’re as welcoming, unpretentious, and horrifying as my Synchilla bathrobe.

replica hermes birkin bag price 2019 But I also love dressing up. At 6, I stuffed balled-up newspapers inside my mother’s scratchy green taffeta skirt to make a crinoline, but the newspapers fell out when I ran. Lesson one: Costume and exertion don’t mix. At 9, I turned my raincoat backward and tied its belt around my knees to make it into an haute couture sack dress, but I couldn’t walk. Lesson two: Couture and walking don’t mix.

kelly bag replica His grand plan? What debuts today as “THE KIT,” a luxury line of versatile separates—grouped and sold together in mix-and-matchable “kits”—produced with next to no overhead costs. “Basically, we invest in beautiful fabric—we’re starting with the most sumptuous silk georgette—and print each item to order. So it doesn’t matter if we sell one or 1,000 of a style! I can introduce a whole new set of prints and colors every two weeks without constant pressure to move product.” It’s not a bad deal for the customer, either. While the label reflects the same craftsmanship as a luxury line (everything is printed on the same machines Hermès uses), low margins keep its prices contemporary-level low: $395 for coordinating a dress and a top pairing.

Courtesy of The Kit

hermes blanket replica This extra layer of styling service is another cornerstone of THE KIT’s forward-thinking concept. “Instead of changing the way women dress, I want to make it simpler with a few key pieces,” Vosovic explains. “A lot of girls I know are leading multiple lives in one day. These ‘kits’ let them adapt to different occasions by just adding or removing another layer.” Although the company is starting with a tightly edited selection (currently, the site offers just the one combination in different colorways) he looks forward to expanding in the future.

replica hermes picotin “We’re already thinking about fun themes, like ’The Weekend Getaway Kit’ or the ‘First Job Kit,’ or the ‘Congrats, You Passed Your Pregnancy Test, and You’re Not Pregnant Kit!'” he says. “I finally have the freedom to be totally creative—work is literally just played time.”

replica herme bag As a teenager in Swinging London, I embraced vintage gold-braid uniform jackets, flapper dresses, and Egyptian net caftans. In Paris, working as a stylist for the surrealist photographer Guy Bourdin, I wore blue overalls, smeared red powder around my eyes, wrapped my head in a turban, and topped off the ensemble with a knitted floor-length kimono. My father never failed to greet this look with “Here comes downtown Warsaw.”

hermes belt replica Then I met real fashion. Years before Karl Lagerfeld went to replica bags, he became my friend through a shared passion for old clothes. When I was 22, he presented me with a perfect black crêpe jacket edged in gold leather curlicues: It was from the 1930s, possibly by Schiaparelli, and gave me a way to unite my passion for the past with the demands of fashion. I wore it to the Cannes Film Festival in 1972, to the opera in 1986, to the Vanity Fair party in 2005, and I wear it still. Diamonds are forever.

hermes bracelet replica In my life, I’ve taken on just about every fashion persona short of Barbie. My look was Dolly Bird in the ’60s (dresses so short that I wore two pairs of panties for decency) and Distressed Peasant in the ’70s (fringed, soiled, suede). In the ’80s, a replica bags ciré raincoat and shoulder-padded superheroine suits landed me in the Best Dressed List Hall of Fame. I’m not sure what I was going for in the ’90s; I was editor in chief of Paris Vogue and had to wear so much current fashion that I completely forgot to love my clothes, except for the enormous country sweaters that Martin Margiela made at Hermès.

best hermes replica After I left Paris Vogue in 2001, I moved to Santa Fe, where no one cared what I wore, and at 52, I turned fashion off. But I wasn’t over luxury—I treasured my stash of big Hermès sweaters and found Italian cashmere ankle socks at the mall to complement the luxe-hermit look. I had a book to write. I was being private and economical, so instead of replica bags, Missoni, and Ann Demeulemeester, I bought noisy parkas and nylon inner shells from Arc’teryx and Patagonia. Eventually, I moved back to New York, lugging along the mountaineering gear. You never know when a peak might arise.

replica hermes belt bag What goes together better than fashion and coffee? That’s the question at the crux of @coffeenclothes, a cult-favorite Instagram account founded by social media strategist Ryan Glick that curates artfully arranged shots of designer pieces and various sources of caffeine. Though just shy of two years old, the account already boasts upwards of 276,000 followers and is brimming with submissions from all over the world.

replica hermes gypsy bag Today, Glick expands his empire with a new website and online shop—and created six latte art designs inspired by veteran labels to celebrate (because few things are more ‘grammable than latte art). Here, he answers our burning coffee questions.

replica hermes belt When I first moved to New York, I would explore the city and just wind up in different coffee shops. I started taking pictures of my coffee with my clothes and from there everything just clicked. It’s better than coffee and no clothes, isn’t it?

Name your favorite coffee shops.

hermes sandals replica I love the iced red eye at La Colombe—it’s the strongest out there. I’m also a fan of the new Café Integral in Soho. When I’m drinking coffee at home, I prefer cold brew. Right now I’m into Chameleon Cold-Brew ($48/case; chameleoncoldbrew.com). It’s perfect.

What’s the key to taking a good coffee Instagram?

A good photo combines all of the elements together in a cool way: a unique sense of style and a nice cup of coffee. Sometimes, if you’re wearing a flashy piece, you can let it speak for itself.

hermes birkin replica Kim Kardashian West is just returning to the public eye after her harrowing robbery at gunpoint in Paris in October, but we’ve now confirmed that it wasn’t the first time a celebrity has experienced a terrible event in the City of Light. While making an appearance on the Wendy Williams show on Thursday, supermodel Naomi Campbell revealed that she too was attacked in the French capital back in November 2012.

The style icon actually spent time with Kardashian West at a Hermès boutique in Paris on Oct. 1, 2016, just two days before the reality star was robbed.

replica hermes bag 2019 I sympathize with her a lot because—I kept mine on the down low—but in 2012, I was attacked in Paris,” Campbell divulged during her talk show appearance. “They followed me from the airport. They attacked me. They opened my car door and said, ‘Naomi Campbell, we’re going to kill you.’ I didn’t make it so public. I didn’t want it to be. I think there’s a picture of me in a wheelchair at the time.”

replica hermes birkin 35 Campbell was traveling solo from Switzerland to Paris when the terrifying ordeal took place. “I didn’t call security—it was a quick trip. I was going to see my lovely papa, Azzedine Alaïa. I went to the car, and it wasn’t my normal driver. And it was weird because he had the window rolled down. It was freezing cold in November. I was like, ‘Wait a minute! This is weird.'”

hermes bag price replica And if Campbell had stopped at the pharmacy as she originally intended, she may have been gravely injured. “My papa called me and said, ‘My daughter, where are you? We’re ready to eat dinner.” At that point, I abandoned the idea. Thank god it was outside Azzedine Alaïa’s shop (because that’s where the entrance is to get into the house). [My friends] came out and saved me, basically. In the interim, you decide in a very split moment—I don’t know if I’d ever do this again in hindsight—’Am I going to let this guy take my bag with all my passports or am I going to fight for it?” My decision was, ‘I am not letting my bag go.'”

birkin replica “The driver was in on it. It’s a whole ring that’s been happening for a few years now,” the supermodel continued. “I very much sympathize with [Kardashian]. I felt for her right away. I hated hearing these stories that it wasn’t true. It was absolutely true, and it happened to me and it’s happened to a few other people that I’m not at liberty to say but are well known also.”

replica hermes belts Each holiday season, it’s a race to finalize everything before your winter travels. From managing the weight of your luggage to finagling with UPS in order to ship those extra presents that won’t fit into your carry-on, it’s the holiday stress fest we know all too well.

replica hermes bag 2018 Luckily, when it comes to those last few gifts—like a parent’s, your significant other’s, or, maybe toughest of all, the family intellectual—we have a solution. After all, what can one buy for the person whose tastes are a step ahead of the rest? Thought-provoking and (sometimes) snobbish, the smarty in the fam is typically the hardest to shop for, as they often have everything he or she already wants. Or, they’re not about to tell you what they’d really want because, well, they assume you wouldn’t understand.

birkin hermes bag replica Fear not. We’ve rounded up some high-brow selections that will seriously wow the family scholar. Just be careful, though. These picks are so good, it’s likely he or she will come to you with their holiday wish list for years to come—because, clearly, you’ll go the distance.

replica hermes canada Today, unless I have to look sharp to promote my memoir, I dress as if I lived in rural Anatolia. I own some 40 identical hoodies in Polartec—the ecologically sound fleece made from recycled plastic bottles, just as many Uniqlo Heattech underbites, and about 20 pairs of floppy harem pants from Istanbul that I find wildly becoming. I think the Best Dressed List Hall of Fame is trying to eject me. They must have heard about the Polartec.